Eldorado Basenji

Our Basenjis

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We started with...

Ch Akuaba's Busybody from KISA      
Ch Sunkis Dreamweaver to Eldorado  
Ch Akuaba's Billy the Kid    
Ch KISA Sweetwater Sweetie

Our first litter produced...

Ch Eldorado's Adonis, JC
Ch Eldorado's Aerosmith, JC

and we continued
with the basenjis born in these years ...

Ch Eldorado's Barcelona 
Ch Akuaba's Boon from Eldorado 
Ch Eldorado's Bolt of Lightning
Ch Eldorado's Catalyst to Sadiki 
Ch Eldorado's C
olor Me Bad to Sadiki 

Ch Eldorado's Dark Skies at Kivu 
Ch Eldorado's Endless Summer
Ch Eldorado's El Tigre
Ch Eldorado's Golden Autumn 
Ch Eldorado's Glitter KISA 
Ch Eldorado's Gambeler's Choice 
Ch Eldorado's Georgie Gi

Ch Eldorado's Hocus Pocus
Ch Eldorado's Halcyon  
Ch Eldorado's Houdini 

Eldorado's Joie de Vivre
Ch Akuaba Seeks Gold at Eldorado  
Ch Eldorado's Lamborghini 
Ch Eldorado's Mercedes Benz 
Ch Eldorado's Millenium at Majestic 
Ch Eldorado's Mark of Success 

Avongara Sineri – exported to Finland
Avongara Kasabu
Avongara Dinari
Avongara Mkand
Ch Eldorado's No No Nannette – exported to Argentina
Ch Eldorado's Olivier 
Ch Eldorado's Ooh La La 
Ch Eldorado's Odyessy 

Ch Eldorado's Questionable Lady 
Eldorado's Call to Africa exported to South Africa
Eldorado's Rhiannon
Eldorado's Back to Africa – exported to South Africa
Ch Eldorado's Scarlett to Saqqara
Eldorado's Solid Gold

Ch Akuaba Eldorado Temptress 
Ch Eldorado's Ungaro 

Am Can RKF & Rus Ch Eldorado N Terrarust Whirlwind – exported to Russia
Am Can Ch Eldorado's Wyatt Earp 
Am Can Ch Eldorado's Wizja
Am Can Ch Eldorado's Wysteria
Ch Asil's Walkabout by Eldorado
Majestic's Xander by Eldorado
UCICB-BaCh/FC Eldorado's Y's African Sinbajé,CDX RE SC MX MXJ GRC FCH NA-C TN-N WV-N HP-N
FC Eldorado's Yodeling Moon God, CD RAE2 SC OA OAJ FCH NAP
Ch Eldorado's Zinfandel  

Eldorado's Golden Amber
Ch Eldorado's Bewitched 
Ch Eldorado's Bejeweled 
Ch Eldorado's Barcode 
Ch Eldorado' Shot N Th' Dark at KISA

Mullti-BIS Ch Eldorado's Echo of the Wind 

Multi-BIS Am FCI Int Dt VDH & Klub Lux & Swe Ch. C-Quest's Echo of Eldorado – exported to Germany
Ch Eldorado's Echo of an Icon
Ch Eldorado's Echo of Africa 
GCH & Can Ch. Eldorado's Echo of a Legend, SC 
Eldorado's Nine to Five

Ch Eldorado N C-Quest Gunsmoke 
FIN Ch. BET Half on Eldorado At Sternhimmel – exported to Finland
Ch Bet On Striking Gold at Eldorado 

Ch Eldorado's Feel the Heat 
Am DC Can Ch Eldorado's In Jokuba Style MC, LCX2
Ch Eldorado's In Your Dreams
Ch Eldorado's Intensity – exported to Spain
GCH Eldorado's Intrigue
Ch Eldorado's In Rhythm Rwanda, JC 
Ch Eldorado's In Control at KISA, SC 
Ch Eldorado's Ambassador of Jazz 
Ch Eldorado's First Lady of Jazz at Timar JC RN 
Eldorado's Promises to Keep
Ch Eldorado's She's A Keeper
FCI Int Bel Ned Lux Ch Eldorado's Keeper of the Flame – exported to Belgium
DC Eldorado's Look Smart at Kaleonahe, SC 
Ch Eldorado's Akuaba with One Look, JC
Am DC & Can Ch Eldorado's Made You Look, MC, LCX, RE, BN. GRC, CGC, TDI, TT, MVB
Ch Eldorado's Take A Look 
DC Eldorado's the Look of Jokuba, SC

Ch Eldorado's Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Never Say Never 
GCH Eldorado N Akuaba Never Surrender
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Nevermore 
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Never Been Kissed 
Can Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Never Ending Story at Beaubri – exported to Canada 
GCH Eldorado's Akuaba One More Time 
Ch Eldorado's One Tough Cookie  
Ch Eldorado's Kaleonahe The Power of One 
Ch Eldorado's Just One Wish  
Ch Eldorado's The Chosen One, JC
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Stop the Press 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado First Impression 
DC Eldorado's Quality of Mercy at Kaleonahe, SC

GCH Akuaba N Eldorado's Speed of Light 
GCHG DC & Can Ch Akuaba N Eldorado's Speed Shot, MC CA ORC RATN VB 
GCH DC & Can Ch Akuaba N Eldorado's Speedster, MC RATN CGC GRC ORC VB
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado's Speed of Sound 
Ch Eldorado's Two Minute Warning 

GCH Eldorado N Akuaba Untamed Heart at Kaleonahe 
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Uncommon Valor
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Unchained Melody 
Am Can Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Unstoppable  
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Wing Commander 
RKF/RUS & China Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Wind Beneath My Wings – exported to Russia
GCHS Akuaba N Eldorado Xtra Special Edition 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Xtra Innings 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Xtra Saucy
GCH. Akuaba N Eldorado Xtra Base Hit
Am Dutch Bel FCI Int and Lux Ch Akuaba N Eldorado's Xtra Terrestrial – exported to Belgium
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado's Xtraordinaire  

Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Say You Say Me
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Can You Dance 
GCH Akuaba N Eldorado's Zest for Life, SC ORC
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado With Zest   
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado's Zester
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado's Orange Zest 
GCHG Akuaba N Eldorado Betcha By Golly Wow!   
GCHG Akuaba N Eldorado Bungle in the Jungle 
GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Bohemian Rhapsody 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Blaze of Glory 

GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Chariots of Fire 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Cimmaron
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Captain America 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Citizen Kane 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Cat Ballou 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Captains Courageous
BIS Am & Can Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Dream Lover 
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Dreamcatcher
GCH Eldorado's Epiphany
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Fusion 

Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Heart of Gold 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Heart Full of Soul 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Heart Skips A Beat 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Queen of Hearts
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Hearts On Fire
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Going in Style 
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Going My Way
GCH Eldorado N Pride I Am A Rock

Ch Eldorado N Pride Here I Am At Dagoba
CH Akuaba N Keeper of the Pinstripes
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Jewel of the Nile

Ch Eldorado N Akuaba The Last Samurai

Ch Eldorado N Akuaba The Last Action Hero 
Ch. Eldorado N Akuaba The Last Mimzy
Eldorado N Akuaba The Last Kiss at Azande
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado On The Dance Floor 
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado On Top of the World – exported to Belgium
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado On Broadway
Am GCH/Can GCH Akuaba N Eldorado On The Money
Ch. Akuaba N Eldorado My Girl 
BISS GCH Eldorado N Akuaba Night and Day
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Night Rider
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Night Fever


Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Rhythm of the Night
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Rhythm is Gonna Get You
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Racing Stripes
Ch. Akuaba N Eldorado Lego My Stripes
GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Stripes It Rich
GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Candy Stripes
Ch. Eldorado N Akuaba Quantum of Solace
GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Play Misty for Me
GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Master of Swordplay SC NA NF CA BCAT TKA VBX


Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Whisper Softly
GCH Eldorado N Akuaba Whisper in the Dark
GCH Eldorado N Akuaba Careless Whisper
Am GCH Aus Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Time Traveler
CH Akuaba N Eldorado Time After Time
CH Akuaba N Eldorado Times Gala
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Time In A Bottle
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Xtreme Bronze
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Vision of Love


Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Age of Aquarius
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Age of Innocence
GCH Eldorado N Akuaba Don't Rain on My Parade
CH Akuaba N Eldorado Call Me The Breeze
CH Akuaba N Eldorado Top Brass
CH Akuaba N Eldorado Zippo


GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Romantic Journey to SkyHI
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Elegant Journey to SkyHi
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Blissful Journey
CH Akuaba N Eldorado Theatrical Journey
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Game Over
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Game of Love
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado American Idol
Ch Akuaba N Eldorado Idol of Africa


GCH Akuaba N Eldorado Magical Mystery Tour
CH Eldorado N Akuaba Outlaw Legend at Relic
CH Eldorado N Akuaba Lucky Charmer


CH Akuaba's Eldorado How You Like It with SkyHi
CH SkyHi Shakespeare in the Park with Akuaba-Eldorado
Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Solar Power



Additionally we've obtained...

Avongara Nagili
Avongara Dahab by Itzyu
Eldorado's Black Gold of Wilmer
Am Can Ch Sternhimmels Generis Sui – imported from Finland
Ch Eldorado's CThreePO by Sadiki
Ch Kanibaru Khybers Pride – imported from Australia
Avongara Ojo – imported from Africa
Am FCI Int Lux Be, Dutch Ch Eldorado's Zari by Saqqara – exported to Belgium
Ch C-Quest Keep the Rhythm
Ch Kaleonahe's Eldorado This Is it 
Ch Timar-Eldorado Black Sabbath
Ch Akuaba Eldorado Perseus by Kaleonahe
Ch Dagoba's Hunk of Burnin' Love at Eldorado
GCH Mata Hauri Summer Storm
Ch Terrarust Simply Marvelous
CH SkyHi's Just A Matter of Time

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