Questions for those interested in a Basenji
We understand that you are looking for the perfect new dog for your family and here at Eldorado Basenjis we are dedicated to finding the perfect home for each of our puppies or adults. We ask that you please take a few minutes to fill out our questionnaire so we may get a chance to know you a little better.

Be sure to put an answer in every box so that we can help find you a basenji!
Other people in the household (give ages and names of children):
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Basenji Particulars
What age Basenji do you prefer - Puppy (up to 6 months), Young Adult up to 2 years), Adult?
Plans for your Basenji's lifestyle?
How many hours a day will your Basenji normally be unattended?
Where will your Basenji stay when you are not at home?
When you are on vacation or away from home, will you take your Basenji with you?
If not, where will your Basenji stay?
Your Home
What type of dwelling do you live in - House, Condo, Apartment or Other?
If other, please explain.
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If so, please note what type of fence and its height at the lowest point.
A few other things
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What happened to this dog?
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