Dell at 4 months old.

Ch. Eldorado's Zinfandel


     • Born 2003
     • CERF#BJ-1311 (2006)
     • OFA Hips: BJ-1769G31F-PI
     • OFA Fanconi:  BJ-FAC212/44F-PI probable clear by DNA
     • Link to OFA:  Dell's Health Test Page

               Ch. Tamba's Thats All Folks
          Ch. Akuaba's Winds of Change
               Ch. Akuaba's Brazen KISA
Ch. Eldorado's Zinfandel
               Avongara Kasabu
          Ch. Eldorado's Questionable Lady
               Ch. Eldorado's Halycon

Breeder: Pam Geoffroy and Sheila Lund
Owners: Retired to a pet home