Eldorado Basenji

Ch Akuaba N Eldorado
Top Brass

Red and white Eldorado Basenji Topper in dog show win photo


Born December 11, 2017

Finished with 3 majors



           Ch Kaleonahe's Eldorado This Is It
     GCHG Akuaba N Eldorado Bungle in the Jungle
          Ch Eldorado N Akuaba Unchained Melody

Ch. Akuaba N Eldorado Top Brass

          MBIS Ch. Eldorado's Echo of the Wind
     Ch. Eldorado N Akuaba The Last Mimzy
          Ch Eldorado's Akuaba with One Look, JC

P Geoffroy, S Coe and S Lund

Brindle and white basenji 8 week old puppy Topper

Topper at 8 weeks old

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